• Sequoia Technology is 'Focused on Design'
  • The experts in the field of wireless machine to machine communications technologies
  • Test equipment, distribution, routing and control of audio/video
  • High sensitivity sensors and sense amplifiers for heat flux and other parameters
  • SATA, Video, microcontrollers backed by applications engineers with real-world experience
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Sequoia is well known as the leading wireless product supplier from GPRS, GPS, Zigbee, 802.15.4 modules, to custom software to run the products.

Telit wireless and GPS modules
As the leading Telit cellular wireless module distributor for many years, we have helped design-in many of the UK's best wireless connectivity projects.

Siretta modems and antenna range
In addition, we have added the all new Siretta range of wireless products:
* Telit based GPRS / 3G / 4G smart modems
* Wide range of antennas - probably the widest range available.
* GPRS / 3G/4G signal testers

  • Tango 16
    Weatherproof Combined GSM, 3G, ISM & GPS bolt through antenna
    Tango 16
  • ZOOM-G-UMTS Socket Modem
    3G / UMTS & GPS Socket Modem, TTL and USB Interface
    ZOOM-G-UMTS Socket Modem
  • Mike 2A
    GSM/GPRS & 3G Mag Mount 1/2 Wave Whip Antenna
    Mike 2A
  • UL865-EUD
    UMTS / HSPA (Data Only)
    New generation 3G / UMTS Signal and Network Analyser

AV Equipment

Our AV Equipment range of products are divided into two categories. Video Test Equipment and Fibre Optic extenders, switches and matrix routers.

Our Video test equipment consists of video generation, DVI, HDMI, Displayport and MHL testing and troubleshooting. Our HDCP and MHL test equipment is approved by the appropriate bodies for a complete analysis of your equipment for approval. Our video test equipment are suitable for a large range of customer base from installers, to designers to semiconductor manufacturers.

  • 780C
    4K Video tester for HDMI, HDBaseT and 3G-SDI
  • 980
    Protocol Analyser HDMI
  • 802BT/R
    Video Test Generator
  • M5-1003
    Optical KVM Extension Module
  • OMM2000
    DVI, HDMI and HD-SDI Modular Matrix Router


Sequoia Sensors specialises in niche, high quality sensor products. We offer unrivalled range of Radiative, conductive and convective Heat Flux sensors, used for measuring heat energy. These include our low cost flat plate sensors for use in determining heat energy through surfaces, to Thermogage and Schmidt Boelter sensors for measurement of heat flux in fires to the fastest response time heat flux sensors in our HFM range.

Our Fibre Optic sensors are used in many industries, such as medical and power generators and are perfect for using in environments where EMC and magnetic interference is an issue, including factories, power stations and in aerospace industries.

  • HFM-7 E-H
    700°C Heat Flux Microsensor plus RTS temp sensor
    HFM-7 E-H
  • FTI-10
    Single Channel Signal Conditioner
  • AMP-15
    Single Gain Amplifier for Thermogages
  • 1-Wire Temperature
    1-Wire Temperature sensor with RJ11/12 Interface
    1-Wire Temperature
  • SENS-15
    Temperature and Humidity Sensor with I²C Interface.


Sequoia's Silicon division has been at the forefront of Video technology since its inception in 1987.

Over the intervening years, we have helped our customers to upgrade their designs from Analogue to Digital Video technologies and are the experts to come to in designing products involving DVI and HDMI technologies.

In addition we also have offerings in embedded storage designs and can offer a large selection of products in record and playback of digital speech and sound. This technology is used primarily for adding voice instructions to existing products in security and medical equipment.

  • AL9V576
    MPEG video encoder
  • ISD1700
    30-240 second ChipCorder with multi message facility
  • CP1364A
    SiI1364A starter kit
  • SiI1392
    SDVO input HDMI transmitter for PC applications


To complement our wireless modules and terminal range of products we feature Siretta Antennas, the widest range of antennas generally available.

The Siretta antenna range covers all mounting types - embedded, thru hole, magnetic and all connector types. Most of the antennas we feature have cable length options generally held in stock.
  • Tango 16
    Weatherproof Combined GSM, 3G, ISM & GPS bolt through antenna
    Tango 16
    New generation 3G / UMTS Signal and Network Analyser
  • Tango 18
    Tango 18
  • Mike 2A
    GSM/GPRS & 3G Mag Mount 1/2 Wave Whip Antenna
    Mike 2A