2G / GPRS Antennas

The antennas shown here are designed for the dual band or quad band 2G GPRS frequencies - 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz.  Many of these antennas will also operate well at 3G 1900 / 2100MHz.

We aim to have the widest choice of antennas and mounting types which include Embedded PCB, Wall mountable, Through-hole, Magnetic mounting and adhesive fixing antennas.

The antennas are fully tested and designed for the rigours of industrial use with vandal resistant designs available as well as high gain antennas.


  • Wall Mount
  • Embedded PCB
  • Adhesive
  • Through-hole antennas
  • Direct connect antennas
  • High gain antennas
  • Combined GPS + 2G
  • Many operate at 3G as well as 2G
  • Adhesive mount antennas

    Self adhesive 2G / GPRS Antennas

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    Adhesive mount antennas
  • Direct Connect

    Direct connect 2G GPRS Antennas

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    Direct Connect
  • Magnetic Mount

    2G GPRS Antennas with Magnetic Base

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    Magnetic Mount
  • PCB Antennas

    Embedded 2G / GPRS PCB Antennas

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    PCB Antennas
  • Through Hole

    Through-hole 2G GPRS Antennas

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    Through Hole
  • Wall mounted antennas

    Wall mounted 2G GPRS Antennas

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    Wall mounted antennas