4G / LTE Antennas

We now have a growing range of 4G/LTE antennas in most mounting styles including embedded types. Our 4G antennas are equally competent at 3G frequencies making them future proof as to whether you will move from 3G to 4G bands as they become avaialbel or your project calls for it.

All of the 4G antennas also are good performers on the Quad band GPRS frequencies but the top gain is at 3 and 4G frequencies.


  • wide range of mounting styles
  • 4G and 3G frequency bands on all antennas
  • Adhesive mount antennas

    4G/LTE adhesive mount antennas

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    Adhesive mount antennas
  • Bolt-thru antennas

    4G/LTE through hole antennas

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    Bolt-thru antennas
  • Direct Connect Antennas

    Direct connect antennas for 4G/LTE

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    Direct Connect Antennas
  • Through Hole

    Through-hole LTE antennas

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  • Wall mounted antennas

    4G / LTE Wall mounted Antennas

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    Wall mounted antennas