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Industrial 4G LTE Routers

Siretta 4G/LTE industrial routers combine high performance with dual-sim option for connectivity reslience amd optional WiFI/GPS and RS232/GPIO.  The M2M routers feature rugged metal enclosure with DIN rail moutning, wide operating voltage suitable for vehicle or mains powered applications.  The routers help provide an "always on" service to backup wired DSL style connections with automatic switchover (failover) to 3G or 4G if the main network fails.

Typical Applications for thse M2M routers include:

  • Security / IP-based CCTV
  • POS – Point Of Sale backup to main network / temporary deployments
  • Building Management
  • Remote Media / Digital Signage / Touchscreen kiosks
  • Wind / Solar / Energy Monitoring
  • In Vehicle 4G (Bus / Coach / Commercial) and in-vehicle WiFi
  • Construction – Site Office Communications
  • Office 4G Router / Disaster Recovery / 4G Backup
  • Healthcare
  • Banking – ATM


The Siretta M2M family of routers includes MICA, QUARTZ and ZIRCON.  Please click the products on the right for furhter details or scroll down to see a comparison table.


MICA 4G Routers

Its compact small size design, enables the MICA  Router to easily be embedded into other equipment or systems. With the GPS option, the MICA router is ideal for fleet tracking or access management.


QUARTZ 4G Routers

The QUARTZ 4G Routers have two SIM slots for applications which require an always-on (3G/4G Failover) connection.  The router can intelligently switch to an alternative network if the primary one becomes unavailable.  Typically, the router would be fitted with SIMs from two different networks.

The QUARTZ router series is designed for use in industrial environments needing high performance, reliable, 'always-on' performance. The range has  a  robust hard enclosure that is resistant to electromagnetic interference as standard.  The QUARTZ range is designed for remote management, telemetry, condition monitoring, CCTV, ATMs, vending machine and other M2M applications.

The QUARTZ router range has a dual SIM facility, RS232/ console port and 3 x I/O ports as standard. It also has a number of standard options, such as Wifi, GPS, 1xWAN + 1xLAN interface etc making the QUARTZ range one of the best to specify exactly your specification of router for low MOQs.

3G Router Range

The routers above are also available in 3G only form, please follow this link to view the 3G industrial routers.

Key Features
  • 4G / 3G Routers
  • 4G / LTE- 2600, 2100, 1800, 900, 800MHz bands
  • 3G / UMTS - 2100, 1900, 900, 850, 800MHz bands
  • 3 x I/O ports
  • RS232 / Console port
  • Industrial robust metal design - DIN rail mount
  • Dual SIM for failover / back up between networks
  • WiFi, 802.11/b/g/n
  • 2 x LAN ports
  • MICA-4G Routers

    4G Router with optional WIFI / GPS

    Mica 2
  • QUARTZ 4G Routers

    4G Industrial router with Dual-SIM

    Quartz 1


Mica 2 Quartz 1
MICA-4G Routers QUARTZ 4G Routers
Technology 3G / UMTS
4G / LTE
4G / LTE
Power supply 7.5 to 26V DC 7.5 to 26V DC
SIM Slots Single Dual
Operating Temperature Range -30˚ to +70˚C -30˚ to +70˚C
Options GPS GPS