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To complement our wireless modules and terminal range of products we feature Siretta Antennas, the widest range of antennas generally available.

The Siretta antenna range covers all mounting types - embedded, thru hole, magnetic and all connector types. Most of the antennas we feature have cable length options generally held in stock.

  • Tango 19 - GPS/GSM combination antenna
    Tango 19
  • Mike 1A - GSM/GPRS/3G magnetic mount antenna
    Mike 1A
  • OSCAR20 - High gain 4G/3G small Yagi antenna
  • Low loss SMA (M) to SMA (F) - RF Low loss cable SMA extension cables
    Low loss SMA (M) to SMA (F)
  • Mike 1A - GSM/GPRS/3G magnetic mount antenna
    Mike 1A


Designed for the rigours of industrial wireless use, our antenna range covers most popular operating frequencies and wireless technologies. Select mounting type or wireless technology to view our antenna products and buy online.

Antenna Mounting Options

Antennas are available in a variety of packages to suit different applications such as antennas for vehicles, portable equipment, outdoors or vandal resistant. Each type of antenna is constructed to suit the environment with low profile, weatherproof, small form-factor or high gain versions.

  • PCB Antennas

    PCB antennas are designed to be fitted in portable equipment or where space is a premium.Sequoia offer embedded PCB antennas to suit most frequencies and technologies including GSM/3G/GPRS/Bluetooth/WiFi and ISM bands.

    Quad Band GSM / GPRS / 3G  PCB antenna GSM/GPRS/3G/2.4 PCB Antenna 18x18mmGPS 26dB PCB mount antenna 24x19mm, 26dB GPS PCB antenna, 150mm cable, uFL connector Echo 5 GPS PCB antenna, 18dB 15x15mm 
  • Vandal resistant Antennas

    Vandal resistant antennas a highly durable designs typically with low profile and rugged construction. These antennas usually have through-hole mounting with sturdy bolt to hold the antenna in place. Their low-profile design and rounded edges make them very difficult to remove or break. These are typically used for applications where the antenna may be visible and succeptable to malicious or accidental damage Most frequencies are available in vandal resistant antennas. Additionaly mast antenna types are available as 2 or 3 in one antennas for, typically, GSM, WiFi + GPS antennas in one package.

    Vandal Resistant, low profile GSM/GPRS/3G antenna GSM/GPRS/3G & 2.4GHz low profile, thru-hole antenna - END OF LIFE  IP60 Rated GSM/GPRS & 3G through hole mount antenna  20/26dB gain GPS Through-hole, body mount antenna Combined GSM/GPS low profile, through-hole, waterproof antenna 
  • Adhesive fixing antennas

    Adhesive antennas are easy to fit to existing equipment and we have adhesive antennas for most frequencies and technologies. The adhesive antennas are very flat and take up little space and area ideal where you don't want to draw attention to the antenna. These are suitable for external or internal to the electronics box solutions so they lend themselves to be hidden from view. Additionally, many of these antenna types are available in IP67 capability for true outdoor waterproof use.

    Quad Band GSM, 3G, WiFi & ISM Adhesive T-Bar Antenna Designed for providing effective TETRA 458MHz and dual band GSM / GPRS performance GSM/GPRS/3G/ISM/2.4GHz Adhesive Mount Antenna IP67 Rated GPS Antenna 28dB Waterproof, Self Adhesive Antenna GPS Antenna – Adhesive Mount with Filtering 
  • Magnetic mount antennas

    Magnetic mount antennas are quickly and easily installed and removed as required. Typically used for vehicles, the also see use in industrial applications for GSM/GPRS/3G.

    High gain GSM/GPRS small Yagi antennas GSM/GPRS/3G magnetic mount antenna GSM/GPRS/3G & 2.4GHz magnetic mount Whip antenna 28dB Magnetic mount GPS antenna, IP67 rated GPS Antenna Magnetic Mount 18dB 
  • Combined Antennas

    Combined antennas operate with more than one technology e.g. combined GPS and GPRS or combined GPS and 3G where the application requires both data transmission and positioning via GPS. Other options combine GSM and WifI all in one antenna package. 2 or 3 antennas in one package are commonly availabel and have many customers.

    Vandal Resistant, low profile GSM/GPRS/3G antenna GSM/GPRS/3G & 2.4GHz low profile, thru-hole antenna - END OF LIFE  IP60 Rated GSM/GPRS & 3G through hole mount antenna  20/26dB gain GPS Through-hole, body mount antenna Combined GSM/GPS low profile, through-hole, waterproof antenna 

Wifi Antennas / Bluetooth Antennas

Sharing the 2.4GHz frequency band, antennas designed for WiFi will work equally well for Bluetooth wireless devices. Our WiFi range of antennas is now very comprehensive for anyone coverting their products to encompass WiFi connectivity. Discrete internal antennas through to high gain swivel types are all available from Siretta.

GPRS and 3G Antennas

For M2M connectivity over wireless networks using 2G GPRS or 3G networks, Sequoia's GSM antennas are widely used by systems installers and product developers.

Antennas Terminology

  • Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR)
    The values of VSWR will be greater than or equal to 1. For optimum transmission the VSWR value should be as close to 1 as possible. Higher values mean than there is a loss of signal due to mismatch between source and antenna. If the antenna is mismatched to the source then it will reflect a percentage of the transmitted power back to the source which causes interference and potential degradation of signal.
  • Frequency
    Antennas are designed to work at specific frequencies. e.g. for Wifi/Bluetooth the centre frequency is 2.4GHz and antennas designed for WiFi and Bluetoth are optimised for this frequency. If a wifi antenna is used for a difference frequency e.g. 868MHz then its performance will be significantly below normal.
  • Omni Directional Antennas
    Omni directional antennas radiate in all directions and therefore are used where the location of the receiving station is not known.
  • Directional Antenna
    A directional antenna as its name suggests will provide maximum signal transmission across a narrow cone from the antenna. Directional antennas are used where the direction of the receiving station is known.

2G / GPRS Adhesive Antennas 2G / GPRS Antennas 2G / GPRS Direct Connect Antennas 2G / GPRS Embedded Antennas 2G / GPRS Magnetic Antennas 2G / GPRS Through Hole Antennas 2G / GPRS Wall Mounted Antennas 2G GPRS Antennas with Magnetic Base 3G / UMTS Adhesive Antennas 3G / UMTS Antennas 3G / UMTS Antennas with Self adhesive fixing 3G / UMTS Direct Connect Antennas 3G / UMTS Embedded Antennas 3G / UMTS Magnetic Antennas 3G / UMTS Through Hole Antennas 3G / UMTS Wall Mounted Antennas 3G Antennas 3G Direct Connect Antennas 3G Signal Strength Tester 3G UMTS Direct Connect Antennas 3G UMTS Embedded PCB antennas 4G / LTE Antennas 4G / LTE Wall mounted Antennas 4G Antennas 4G/LTE adhesive mount antennas 4G/LTE antennas 4G/LTE through hole antennas 4G/LTE through hole antennas 4G/LTE Wall mounted antennas Adhesive 3G Antennas Adhesive Bluetooth Antennas Adhesive GPS Antennas Adhesive GSM/GPRS Antennas Adhesive ISM Antennas Adhesive WiFi Antennas Adhesive Zigbee Antennas Antennas Antennas categorised by mounting type Antennas tuned to specific frequencies Antennas with Adhesive Fixing Bluetooth antennas Bluetooth Cable-free Antennas Bluetooth Embedded Antennas Bluetooth Mag Mount Antennas Bluetooth Office Mount Antennas Bluetooth Through-hole Mount Antennas Connectors & Adapters Direct connect 2G GPRS Antennas Direct Connect Antennas Direct connect antennas for 4G/LTE Direct Connect antennas for 4G/LTE Direct Connect antennas for SIGFOX 868MHz Direct Connect GSM/GPRS Antennas Direct Connect ISM Antennas Direct Connect WiFi Antennas Direct Connect Zigbee Antennas Embedded / PCB Antennas Embedded 2G / GPRS PCB Antennas Embedded 3G Antennas Embedded GPS Antennas Embedded ISM Antennas Embedded PCB Antennas for GSM/GPRS Embedded PCB antennas for SIGFOX Embedded WiFi Antennas Embedded Zigbee Antennas GPS Adhesive Antennas GPS Antennas GPS Antennas GPS Antennas with Magnetic base GPS Antennas with Self-adhesive fixing GPS Embedded Antennas GPS Embedded/PCB antennas GPS Magnetic Antennas GPS Through Hole Antennas GSM/GPRS Antennas ISM Antennas LoRaWAN Antennas Low loss RF cable assemblies Low Loss RF cables Mag Mount GPS Antennas Mag Mount WiFi Antennas Magnetic 3G Antennas Magnetic GSM/GPRS Antennas Magnetic ISM Antennas Magnetic Mount Antennas Magnetic mounted 3G Antennas Magnetic Zigbee Antennas RF adaptors RF Adaptors RF Adaptors/Connectors RF cable assemblies RF Coax Pigtail Cables RF Coaxial Adaptors RF Coaxial Cables and Pigtail Cables RF Connectors for PCB & Cables RF Extension Cables RF Pigtail Cables RF RG58 coaxial extension cables Self adhesive 2G / GPRS Antennas SIGFOX Antennas SIGFOX antennas with adhesive fixing Through Hole 3G Antennas Through Hole Antennas Through Hole GPS Antennas Through Hole GSM/GPRS Antennas Through Hole ISM Antennas Through Hole WiFi Antennas Through Hole Zigbee Antennas Through-hole 2G GPRS Antennas Through-hole 3G antennas Through-hole GPS Antenas Through-hole LTE antennas USB and RS232 Cable Assemblies Wall Mount 3G Antennas Wall Mount GSM/GPRS Antennas Wall Mount ISM Antennas Wall Mount WiFi Antennas Wall Mount Zigbee Antennas Wall mounted 2G GPRS Antennas Wall mounted 3G antennas Wall mounted 4G antennas Wall Mounted Antennas WiFi Adhesive Antennas WiFi Adhesive Antennas WiFi Antennas WiFi Antennas WiFi Direct Connect Antennas WiFi Direct Connect Antennas WiFi Embedded / PCB Antennas WiFi Embedded Antennas WiFi Through Hole Antennas WiFi Through Hole Antennas WiFi Wall Mounted Antennas Zigbee Antennas

RF Cables & Connectors

Sequoia also provide an extensive range of: