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Bluetooth Serial Adapters

Bluetooth serial adapters provide serial cable replacement by using class 1 bluetooth devices. The adpators are available as serial input via D-type connector or USB connector and have a typical range of 100m using the external 4dBi antenna supplied.

Bluetooth serial adapters are a great way to avoid costs of installing RS232 serial cables around a building or proving a service that extends outside. With an optional patch antenna the range can be extended between 100m and 1000m.

Bluetooth devices operate at the 2.4GHz Industrial Scientific Medical (ISM license-free band) and implement spread spectrum frequency hopping at 1600 hops/second. Bluetooth devices have a pairing process and security and the ability to create Piconets makes Bluetooth a great choice for installation.


  • Bluetooth Class 1 devices
  • External antenna
  • D-Type or USB Connection
  • 100m range with supplied antenna
  • up to 1Km with optional patch antenna
  • Configurable baud rate
  • Easy to setup
  • Bluetooth serial adapters
  • Configurable by AT command or terminal
  • SQB200AS

    Bluetooth Serial Adaptor (USB type)

    Bluetooth USB Dongle