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Advances in wireless technology have opened the door to wide ranging machine to machine (M2M) communications, with unprecedented opportunities for smart equipment solutions. Almost any function, measurement or status may now be reported or controlled from either a remote or central location, as if the units were physically connected together. The potential gains in efficiency are vast, and applications in many ways limited only by the imagination.

Sequoia supply the Siretta range of technically advanced quikCONNECT 3G / UMTS modems and embedded modems, providing a choice of solutions to meet this exciting market development and utilise the extra bandwidth available on the 3G / UMTS network.

The functionality within the quikCONNECT ZETA, ZOOM and ZULU modems is significantly more advanced than the majority of other modem manufacturers today, delivering excellent technical performance and great value for money.



Key Features
  • Industrial rugged design
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