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RF Coax Pigtail Cables

This section contains a wide range of internal connection cables or 'Pigtail cables' with various connector options including: SMA, FME, bulkheads, MMCX, uFL/IPEX & GSC. The coaxial pigtail cables also include a variety of cable types such as; 0.81mm, 1.13mm & RG174 coax cables.

The pigtail cables are used for Bluetooth, WiFi, and Celluar 2G/3G/4G connectivity and usually connect between a PCB and external antenna cable.  The short-run flexible cables enable easy connection to your desired antenna RF connection.

Designed to suit a wide range of applications, the coaxial Pigtail cables are offered in 100, 150 and 200mm cable lengths.  In-stock availability ready for you to buy online.



  • uFL to SMA Female Bulkhead
  • uFL to uFL
  • GSC to FME Male Bulkhead
  • GSC to SMA Female Bulkhead
  • GSC to GSC
  • MMCX Male to SMA Female Bulkhead
  • High quality Pigtail cables for OEM
  • 0.81mm GSC to FME Male BlkHd

    RF Coax Cables

    0.81mm GSC to FME male BlkHd
  • 0.81mm GSC to SMA Fem BlkHd

    RF Coax Cable Assembly

    0.81mm GSC to SMA BlkHd
  • 0.81mm MCF to MCF

    RF Coax Cable Assembly

    0.81mm GSC to GSC
  • 1.13mm IPEX to IPEX

    RF Coax Cable Assembly

    1.13mm uFL to uFL
  • 1.13mm IPEX to SMA Fem BlkHd

    RF Coax Cable Assembly

  • RG174 MMCX M RA to SMA F BlkHd

    RF Coax Cable Assembly

    RG174 MMCX RA ti SMA BlkHd