Water leak detectors

Water ingress or flooding?
Water ingress or flooding can easily be monitored and detected with internet enabled water detection systems as an option to one of the temperature and / or humidity monitoring systems. They also will notify the user by email, SMS or phone ring of an incidence of water ingress. What constitutes water ingress or flooding can be set up by the user to fit the circumstances required.

It is likely you will want to monitor the temperature and / or humidity as well as water leaks and floods of your critical assets and environments. These maybe freezers, refrigerators, warehouses, incubators, expensive or critical electronics, critical IT systems, transport or food - the systems and solutions provide all the monitoring you need to be fully compliant and streamline your operations.

Remotely monitoring your products reliably secures and protects the integrity of your products as well as the health of the people who rely on your products.

The solutions can be independent of all other control and monitoring systems or part of an existing system. Our systems and solutions track the conditions that are important to you and provide a variety of alarm notification methods and reports that are fully configurable to your needs and compliant with regulatory requirements. Information is logged continuously and is available for review as required from any location.

Temperature and humidity combined are the most popular parameters to remotely sense, datalog and control and are the parameters most likely to be needed to monitor and log to enable proof of how products have been stored or processes carried out.


  • Ethernet LAN connection
  • Detects water and other fluids
  • EM01b-FLD

    EM01b remote temp, humidity, bundled with flood detection feature

    EM01b-FLD websensor with flood detection