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Pt1000 Temperature sensors

The Pt1000 Resistance Temperature Sensors are known for their high accuracy, low drift, wide operating range and precision readings and are widely used in industrial applications.

As the sensing element is normally quite made from fragile material, our Pt1000 sensors are encased in watertight high quality protective but responsive housing for good quality temperature measurements.

These sensor probes are available in a variety of cable lengths.


  • Low cost
  • Accurate
  • Realiable
  • Watertight
  • Available in a number of cable lengths
  • Variety of sensor housing types
  • Large temperature ranges
  • Pt1000TG8

    Wide temperature range IP67 temperature sensor probe

  • Pt1000TGL40

    Low cost Pt1000 temperature probe with sensor encased in stainless steel

  • Pt1000TR160

    Low cost watertight temperature sensor