Temperature and Humidity sensor with I²C Interface

I²C Interface is a widely used industrial interface used in many products. We have developed a Temperature and Humidity sensors that allow companies to add sensing technology to their designs with very little additional work.

The first in the family is the SENS-15, a Temperature and Humidity sensor on a PCB that behaves as a complete module with all the design rules taken care of.

All that is required by the user is to connect the sensor to their I²C bus and they are ready to go.

Further development of this family include cabled types, as well as sensors with IP67 housing for use in harsh environments.


  • PCB design with all components included
  • Easy integration to any system
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Wide temperature range
  • SENS-15

    Temperature and Humidity Sensor with I²C Interface.

    Sense15 Sensor