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Video Test Equipment

Sequoia has a range of test equipment targeted at audiovisual equipment for design, install and setup markets.

Video test is about video generation and analysis. There are hand held video generator units designed for the installation market and bench top units designed for both video generation and analysis. The bench units are intended for equipment developers and focus on DVI, HDMI and Displayport video formats. HDCP content protection is dealt with and Quantum Data have the only units approved as HDCP compliance testers by DCP.

The handheld units are designed for installers and generate test images to verify that displays are set up and calibrated correctly.

The bench units support more test images and resolutions and allow for custom images and formats to be created. Additionally they support networking and remote control which makes them ideal for verifying displays on a production line.

Bench units supporting video analysis are designed for video appliance designers. They bring a range of extra features such as measurement of the timing of digital formats, EDID reading and creation, CEC and HDCP testing.

Key Features
  • HDCP Testing

    HDCP Testing

    HDCP Testing
  • Video Generation and Analysis

    Video Generation & Analysis

    Video Generation and Analysis
  • Video Test Generators

    Video Test Generators

    Video Test Generators