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Video Generation & Analysis

Test equipment for generating video test signals and analysis of video data streams.

The 780 is a handheld HDMI test instrument. Battery powered it is ideal for service and installation engineers working on HDMI systems. The portable multimedia pattern generator enables you to conduct quick, on-site verification testing of your HDMI system and analogue video displays.

The 882EA is packed with features for video and audio testing of HDMI® or DisplayPort sources, sinks and repeaters (HDMI). The 882E can be equipped with either an HDMI transmitter or DisplayPort 1.1 transmitter. The HDMI transmitter provides 12-bit/component deep color and NEW! HDMI 3D testing features. The DisplayPort 1.1 provides pattern testing at pixel rates up to 268MHz. An analog option with 250MHz analog output and composite analog for NTSC and PAL testing is available as well with the HDMI transmitter only configuration.


  • HDMI/HDCP Testing
  • Portable and Bench test
  • 780 and 780A

    Test 4K Ultra HD HDMI 2.0 sources and sinks

    780 Profile
  • 780B

    4K Video and audio tester for HDMI supporting video generation and analysis

    780B HDMI video tester front view
  • 780C

    4K Video tester for HDMI, HDBaseT and 3G-SDI

    780C HDMI DVI SDI HDBaseT video tester user interface
  • 980

    Protocol Analyser HDMI

  • 980B

    980B Displayport Analyser Option

    980 ATP displayport front


780 Profile 780B HDMI video tester front view 780C HDMI DVI SDI HDBaseT video tester user interface 980 980 ATP displayport front
780 and 780A 780B 780C 980 980B
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