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Video Test Generators

Our Video Test generator and Analysis test equipment are packed with features that allow designers of HDCP and HDMI products to fully test their products for compatibility including 4K modes.

These include, ACA Passive Monitoring, HDCP compliance testing, Video pattern Testing, HDCP verification for repeaters, HDMI source's response to an EDID, Industry approved compliance test tools such as HDCP, CEC and EDID for HDMI and HDCP and capture and decode of HDCP protected video data.




  • HDMI, 3G-SDI and HDBaseT
  • Test signal generation and analysis
  • Bit error rate testing for cable connection quality
  • Portable and desk mounted
  • EDID Checking
  • 701A

    Hand held video test generator

  • 780 and 780A

    Test 4K Ultra HD HDMI 2.0 sources and sinks

    780 Profile
  • 780B

    4K Video and audio tester for HDMI supporting video generation and analysis

    780B HDMI video tester front view
  • 780C

    4K Video tester for HDMI, HDBaseT and 3G-SDI

    780C HDMI DVI SDI HDBaseT video tester user interface
  • 802BT/R

    Video Test Generator

  • 804 / 804A

    Multimedia Test Instrument

    804 Front
  • 881/2E

    Displayport video test generator

    881 front 1
  • 881D/882D

    DVI & HDMI video test generator

    881D front


701 780 Profile 780B HDMI video tester front view 780C HDMI DVI SDI HDBaseT video tester user interface 802R-400 804 Front 881 front 1 881D front
701A 780 and 780A 780B 780C 802BT/R 804 / 804A 881/2E 881D/882D
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