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2G Modem - Zest

The Zest range are low cost entry-level 2G or 3G industrial modems designed to quickly and easily connect your equipment via the cellular network with little effort. The ZEST-N-GPRS (EU) is a dual band GPRS modem providing EU coverage, for the EMEA and APAC regions, if a higher data rate is required then the ZEST-N-UMTS (EU) is ideally suited. Both variants of ZEST are available with VLINK-232 software, providing a virtual wireless RS232 link.


  • RS232 serial port interface
  • GPRS EU coverage
  • Dual band 900 / 1800MHz
  • AT command driven
  • Python Script for customer devlopment application
  • Supply voltage capability 6-18V
  • Wall or DIN rail mountable
  • Available with V-Link 232 software
  • Compact size

    Low Cost quikCONNECT GPRS Modem With RS232 Serial Port Interface