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Modems with GPS and 2G, 3G or 4G connectivity

Sequoia Wireless offer a comprehensive range of low cost wireless modems with GPS and integrated 2G,3G or 4G used in many M2M applications. From standard GPS the 3G modems that have a RS232 connection through to GPS terminals with USB connectivity. We are sure that we have an offering that will suit vehicle tracking, asset tracking or lone worker applications from both a technical excellence and commercially competitive product range.


Product Overview

ZETA 3G Modem with GPS and wide input voltage range

A rugged and highly capable 3G/UMTS modem with wide operating voltage range of 5-60V DC makes ZETA ideal for on-vehicle applications including vechicle tracking with the GPS version.  GPIO lines make it easy to remotely monitor the status parameters over the 3G network.


ZOOM 3G Socket Modem with GPS option

The ZOOM 3G socket modem has been designed to easily integrate 3G connectivity using a precertified modeule requiring little knowledge of modem technology.  Designed as a 'Plug-n-play' module ZOOM can be plugged onto your own PCB with two 20-way headers which include TTL/RS232, GPIO lines and power.


ZULU 3G modem with GPS and ARM Cortex M4

ZULU includes a high performance ARM processor which enables a system on modem approach to your product development where your application resides on the modem.  The processor is seperate to the RF processor for maximum performance.  ZULU includes CAN, I2C, ADC and 1-Wire interfaces and includes options for GPS and factory fitted 2000mA rechargable battery.  ZULU is the ultimate platform for remote monitoring and control of equipment with a host of general purpose input/output lines and relay.


ZEUS 3G modem with GPS and Ethernet Interface

ZEUS includes all of the great features found in ZULU but USB is replaced by Ethernet connectivity providing access to even more applications.  The ZEUS terminal can be used as a webserver or an Ethernet gateway over the GPRS / UMTS / LTE networks.

Key Features
  • Zeta

    ZETA 3G Modem with GPS

  • Zoom

    ZOOM 3G Modem with GPS

  • Zulu

    ZULU 3G Modem with GPS