4G / LTE Zeta Modem

The new quikCONNECT ZETA 4G/LTE modem range offers advanced LTE, UMTS and HSPA+ performance at a low cost.

The ZETA 4G/LTE range is housed in the same enclosure as all of the ZETA modems and is for general use in a wide range of applications requiring robust reliable LTE, UMTS / HSPA+ performance. With an installation base at many large organisations, and in public spaces, the ZETA family has built up a solid reputation for low cost, dependable performance over a number of years.


  • 4G / LTE
  • GPIO
  • GPS version or non-GPS
  • Wide operating input voltage range
  • Suitable for automotive applications
  • ZETA-G-LTE Modem


    4G/LTE & GPS modem with USB and RS232 Connection

    ZETA 5