GPS Embedded/PCB antennas

The Echo range of embedded GPS antennas from Sequoia offer the benefit of a small footprint and the opportunity to mount the antenna directly within the system, or on a PCB. The perfect choice for portable equipment, or where a compact solution is needed, Echo GPS antennas are available in two styles, a range of etched PCB products for GSM and short range applications, and finely tuned ceramic packages, for GPS reception in active and passive variants. The Echo GPS antennas are terminated with flying leads with the option of surface mount package for the ceramic antennas


PCB Mounted

The Echo 7 and Echo 8 antennas are designed to be soldered directly to a PCB.


GPS terminated with IPEX/UFL Connector

Echo 4 and Echo 5 antennas are terminated with UFL connector.  Both devices include a low noise pre-amp and Echo 4 generating 26dBi gain from just 9mA current consumption.


GPS Antennas with stripped and tinned termination

The Echo 13 and Echo 19 are designed to be soldered to your PCB but can be positioed remotely due to the 100mm of 1.13mm coax.

  • PCB Surface mounted GPS Antennas
  • Embedded GPS with uFL/IPEX connectors
  • LNA for high performance and accuracy
  • Small footprint
  • Echo 13

    GPS Antenna PCB with Single Stage LNA 16dB

    Echo 13
  • Echo 19

    10 x 10 x 6.2mm, 16dBi GPS Ceramic Patch Antenna

    Echo 19
  • Echo 5

    Echo 5 GPS PCB antenna, 18dB 15x15mm

    Echo 5
  • Echo 7

    3.5dB GPS ceramic antenna

    Echo 7
  • Echo 8

    GPS Passive Patch Antenna

    Echo 8


Echo 13 Echo 19 Echo 5 Echo 7 Echo 8
Echo 13 Echo 19 Echo 5 Echo 7 Echo 8
Frequency 1575.42MHz 1575.42MHz 1575.42MHz 1575.42MHz 1575.42MHz
Cable 1.13mm Coax 1.13mm Coax 1.13mm Coax
Connector Stripped and Tinned Stripped and Tinned UFL Solder Solder
Cable Length 60mm 100mm 100mm