GPS Antennas with Self-adhesive fixing

Designed for ease of installation, these GPS antennas feature a strong self-adhesive fixing for quick installation. Tuned to the GPS frequency 1575.42MHz, the antennas are available in single (GPS only) and Combined products which include a GSM dual or quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz antenna.  All of the antennas include a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) to provide accurate positioning.


Alpha 4A - GPS Only

The Alpha 4A is an extremely compact, self adhesive, IP67 rated, GPS antenna. Its 37 x 33mm footprint makes the Alpha 4A fit onto most surface sizes very comfortably, and with a modest height of only 13mm, it also provides an unobtrusive profile.


Alpha 6 - GPS + Quad-band GSM/GPRS

The Alpha 6 is a compact, puck-shaped GSM & GPS combination antenna. This antenna combines two separate antennas into a single package that measures only ø71 x 14mm. The Alpha 6 is well suited to most GSM/GPS systems that require an ‘all-in-one’ antenna solution.

Alpha 7 - GPS + Dual-band GSM/GPRS

The Alpha 7 is built with two separate antennas inside: a dual band GSM antenna and a GPS antenna. The GSM antenna is a 900/1800MHz dipole providing GSM and GPRS coverage throughout Europe, Africa and most of Asia. The GPS antenna is built with a 27dB Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) to provide strong satellite fixing in most circumstances where the antenna has full view of the sky.

  • Single (GPS Only)
  • Combined Antennas (GPS + Dual / Quad band GSM)
  • Waterproof
  • Small formfactor - discrete / unobtrusive
  • Includes LNA
  • Alpha 19

    Ultra small footprint active GPS antenna. 2.5M cable, SMA male connector

    Alpha19 pic1
  • Alpha 4A

    IP67 Rated GPS Antenna 28dB Waterproof, Self Adhesive Antenna

    Alpha 4A
  • Alpha 6

    IP66 Combined Quad Band GSM and 28dB GPS Antenna

    Alpha 6
  • Alpha 7

    Combined Dual band GSM and 27dB GPS puck antenna

    Alpha 7(2)


Alpha19 pic1 Alpha 4A Alpha 6 Alpha 7(2)
Alpha 19 Alpha 4A Alpha 6 Alpha 7
Frequency 1575.42MHz 1575.42MHz
Cable RG174 RG174 RG174
Technology GPS GPS
Connector SMA Male
SMA Male Right Angle
FME Female
SMA Male
Fakra C-Code Blue Plug
Fakra D-Code Burgundy Plug
FME Female
SMA Male
Cable Length 5m 2m