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Antennas categorised by mounting type

Selecting the best antenna for a given application requires not only RF performance but consideration to how and where the antenna is to be installed. This section shows the various mounting methods by which the antenna may be fixed with Wall mounted, embedded, magnetic mounting, through-hole and antennas with self-adhesive fixings.

Key Features
  • Wide choice of mounting types
  • Wall mount
  • Embedded / PCB style
  • Antennas with magnetic base
  • Antennas with self-adhesive fixing
  • Antennas designed for through-hole fixing
  • 2G / 3G / 4G / WiFi and GPS antennas
  • High gain, low profile, discrete designs
  • Combined antennas with GPS
  • Adhesive mount antennas

    Antennas with Adhesive Fixing

    Adhesive mount antennas
  • Direct Connect

    Direct Connect Antennas

    Direct Connect
  • Magnetic Mount

    Magnetic Mount Antennas

    Magnetic Mount
  • PCB Antennas

    Embedded / PCB Antennas

    PCB Antennas
  • Through Hole

    Through Hole Antennas

    Through Hole
  • Wall mounted antennas

    Wall Mounted Antennas

    Wall mounted antennas