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Wall Mounted Antennas

For temporary or permantently installed equipment, the Siretta Wall Mounted Antennas provide high gain with rugged designs and operating at 2G / 3G / 4G and WiFi frequencies.  These antennas enable the user to align their antenna for best possible reception.


Signal Strength Testers

If you have to install equipment remotely and need to find the best possible signal then the Siretta 2G and 3G signal testers will help get the job done. 

2G GPRS Signal Testers

3G UMTS Signal Testers


  • 4G / 3G / 2G / WiFi
  • High gain antennas
  • Fit to a wall or via a pole
  • Provides good positioning of the antenna
  • 2G / GPRS Antennas

    2G / GPRS Wall Mounted Antennas

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    2G / GPRS Antennas
  • 3G / UMTS Antennas

    3G / UMTS Wall Mounted Antennas

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    3G / UMTS Antennas
  • 4G / LTE Antennas

    4G/LTE Wall mounted antennas

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    4G / LTE Antennas
  • WiFi Antennas

    WiFi Wall Mounted Antennas

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    WiFi Antennas
  • OSCAR20


    High gain 4G/3G small Yagi antenna

    Oscar 16 (2)