WiFi Wall Mounted Antennas

Oscar 8

Directional, high gain 2.4GHz Wi-Fi panel antenna for 802.11 A, B & G installations. Supplied with 1m of cable and SMA reverse polarity connector and comes complete with fixing kit and instruction guide.


Oscar 18

The Oscar 18 is a Yagi-directional wall / bracket mount antenna, operating on quad band GSM/GPRS and Wifi frequencies. Constructed from durable PVC and supplied with a mounting bracket, this Yagi antenna can be easily mounted outside to a pole or solid flat surface such as an office brick wall. Its Yagi design provides superior performance for cellular applications in rural areas where signal reception is particularly low. The radiating element from this Yagi antenna performs in a directional manner, producing an impressive peak gain of 10dBi to maximise signal transmission and reception that is vital for long distance and poor signal area communication.

  • Oscar 18

    Quadband GSM/3G and Wifi Pole/wall Mounting Yagi Antenna

    Oscar 18