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Fibre Optic Sensors

Our Fibre Optic Sensor solutions measure temperature, pressure, refractive index, strain, displacement, force & load using the Fabry-Perot and and Fibre-Bragg principles. Besides being extremely accurate, the advantages of fibre optic sensors are: very high precision, intrinsically safe electrically, minimally invasive (nano technology), immunity to radio frequencies, electromagnetic interferences and microwave radiation. Targeted markets are: medical, aerospace & defence, energy, scientific and process control. See product links to go to each of the specific types of sensors to be used with most of the signal conditioners.

Key Features
  • Oil Immersed Temp

    Oil Immersed Temperature Fibre Optic Sensors

    Oil Immersed Temp
  • Pressure

    Fibre Optic Pressure Sensors

  • Refractive Index

    Refractive Index Fibre Optic Sensors

    Refractive Index
  • Temperature

    Fibre Optic Temperature Sensors