Flat Plate Heatflux Sensors

A range of high quality, low cost thin flat plate heatflux sensors used in many appications. These sensors are available in square shapes as standard but any shape including rectangular or round are available to suit your application . Flexible versions are within the range and have a useful bend radius for attaching to curved surfaces. All types are available with an additional thermocouple for temperature measurement. These sensors may need an amplifier depending on the heat flux being measured and size of sensor. The AMP1100 Amplifier is suitable.

These sensors can be made waterproof and be used in difficult environments.


  • PHFS-01


    1" x 1" thin heat flux sensor

    FluxTeq PHFS-01 heat flux sensor
  • RHF Range

    Flat Plate Radiant Heat Flux Sensor

    RHF Infrared & visible
  • SHF Range

    Flat Plate Heat Flux Sensors