FluxTeq PHFS-01

1" x 1" thin heat flux sensor

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Key Features
  • Flexible (may be bent) heat flux sensor
  • Measures Conductive and Convective heat flux
  • Also measures radiative heat flux (black option)
  • Integrated type T thermocouple
  • Very thin profile

The PHFS-01 heat flux sensor measures heat flux using a low cost differential temperature thermopile that has the additional benefit of also being able to measure temperature.

This heat flux sensor measures the flow of thermal energy moving due to the temperature difference between the upper and lower sensor surfaces. It is very thin, which means that it can be bent around curved surfaces such as pipes, and does little to disrupt the heat flux paths in the system being measured.

Heat Flux Measurement Applications

Applications for the measurement of heat flux include

  • Measurement of the thermal properties of materials
  • Measurement of thermal energy efficiency
  • Thermal monitoring of buildings
  • Research and Development
  • Standards compliance
  • Insulation efficiency
  • Medical studies
  • Solar radiation measurement

Theory of Heat Flux Sensor Operation

The PHFS-01 heat flux sensor is made by placing many type-T thermocouples in
series on both sides of a thermally resistive layer which creates a thermopile.
Heat flux moving through the thermally resistive layer induces an output voltage
proportional to the heat flux flow. The measured voltage is then converted into
a heat flux measurement by using the scale factor provided on a supplied
calibration certificate. Because this heat flux sensor is measuring heat flow
through the sensor, it is particularly suitable for measurement of conductive
and convective heat flux. When painted black, it will also very effectively measure radiative heat flux.

Fluxteq heat flux sensor thermopile

Sensor Type Differential-Temperature Thermopile
Encapsulation Material Kapton (polymide)
Nominal Sensitivity Approximately 4.50mV/(W/cm²)
Accuracy ±5%
Sensor Thickness Approximately 260 microns
Specific Thermal Resistivity Approximately 0.9K/(kW/m²)
Absolute PHFS Thermal Resistance Approximately 1.0K/W
Heat Flux Range ±150kW/m²
Temperature Range -50°C to +120°C
Response Time Approximately 600mS
Sensor Surface Thermocouple Type T
Sensing Area Dimensions 2.54cm x 2.54cm
Total Sensor Dimensions 3.0cm x 3.0cm
Sensing Area 6.45cm²
Total Sensor Area 9.0cm²
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The PHFS-01 is available in 3 versions. The standard product "PHFS-01" for measurement of conductive and convective heat flux, and a black painted heat flux sensor "PHFS-01 Blk" for measurement of conductive, convective and radiative heat flux. These two products are both calibrated in a conductive heat flux setup. For accurate radiative heat flux measurement, the black painted PHFS-01 may be ordered with additional radiative calibration "PHFS-01 Blk+Cal".

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  • FluxTeq PHFS-01 heat flux sensor
    FluxTeq PHFS-01 heat flux sensor
  • FluxTeq heat flux sensor mechanical drawing
    FluxTeq heat flux sensor mechanical drawing
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