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Fridge/Freezer remote monitoring products

The products shown here are suitable for monitoring and data logging of temperatures in industria/commercial and medicinal fridges/freezers. The devices record temperatures and can provide alerts on high/low temperatures via SMS text or email. One or more temperature sensors may be connected (depending on the product selected) and calibration certificates can be provided for certain products.


  • Ethernet / PoE / GPRS connection options
  • Monitor temperature, humidity
  • Calibration certificates available
  • One or more sensed inputs
  • Alerts for high/low temperauture
  • Industrial rugged design
  • P8510

    Websensor with Built-In Temperature sensor LAN interface

    P8510 Ethernet temperature sensor
  • T3510

    Temperature and humidity web sensor

  • T3511

    Thermometer-hygrometer. T+RH probe with 1m cable.



P8510 Ethernet temperature sensor T3510 T3511
P8510 T3510 T3511
Interface Ethernet Ethernet
Measure Value Realtive Humidity + Temperature Realtive Humidity + Temperature
Email Alerts Yes Yes
LCD Display Yes Yes
Network Connectivity Ethernet LAN Ethernet LAN