GSM based remote monitoring and control products

These products are designed for remote monitoring of temperature and control (via relays on some products) using the GSM network. As such they are designed to be installed anywhere and provide remote access to the physical parameters and alerts via SMS or email.

There are countless applications where it is desirable to be able to remotely monitor the temperature of installed equipment and some of the uses of GSM based remote temperature monitors include:

  • HVAC systems
  • Power generation / Mobile or temporary generators
  • Server rooms (where you don't want to rely on existing wired networks)
  • Property monitoring - warehouse / industrial / storage facilities
  • Cold storage
  • Vulnerable people 



Argon 100 GSM Remote Temperature Monitoring

The ARGON 100 GSM temperature monitoring unit is designed to 'work out of the box' and includes everything you need to start monitoring temperature remotely over the GSM network.  ARGON 100 uses quad-band GPRS network connectivity and enables the user to store up to 10 numbers to receive SMS alerts of temperature outside of set values.  ARGON is configured easily by sending some simple SMS messages to it. If you need to know the temperature of your equipment 'right now' then just send it a text message and ARGON will respond with a text message displaying the current temperature.  Argon includes temperature sensor.

Key Features
  • Deploy anywhere quickly
  • Remotely monitor temperature
  • Alerts sent by SMS / Email / Phone ring
  • * Requires GPRS enabled SIM card (not supplied)
  • Ares12

    GSM Temperature Sensor for up to 3 sensors

  • ARES14

    GSM Temperature sensor with E-mail (GPRS) and SMS alerts



Ares12 ARES14
Ares12 ARES14
Technology GPRS GPRS
Type Multi-sensor Multi-sensor
Data Logging Function Yes Yes
Power supply External External
SMS Alerts Yes Yes
Email Alerts Yes Yes
1-Wire Sensors 3 14