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GSM Based Data Loggers

For remotely logging data such and temperature and/or humidity and sending alerts over the GSM network via SMS, email or a phone call.

Being able to monitor temperature and other parameters over very long distances has been an attractive notion for a long time. With these GSM monitors it is now a reality to monitor temperature over thousands of miles and continents using the mobile phone network. The near universal coverage of the mobile phone network means that there is virtually nowhere that is off-limits to monitor temperature and other parameters.

With our powerful software a virtual network of GSM monitors can be set up on one internet browser regardless of where the monitors are in the world. These GSM data loggers are cost effective products that anyone can use and afford.

As well as providing remote alerts, the units also include an audible alarm warning where the temperature exceeds or is below set limits.  Wall mounted, the units feature a large backlit LCD display for easy reading and configuration.

The Carbon-GSM-T is designed for remotely data logging temperature values whereas the Carbon-GSM-TH can additionally measure and log humidity values.

Key Features:

Key Features
  • Temperature only or Temperature and Humidity
  • 65000 Data points
  • Alerts via SMS, Email or phone call
  • Battery Backed (not all products)
  • Multi Sensor capability
  • Download stored data using GPRS
  • Carbon GSM-T

    Remote data logging of temperature over GSM network

    Carbon-GSM-T data logger and temperature sensor
  • Carbon GSM-TH


    Temperature and humidity data logger with GSM alerts

    Carbon-GSM-TH temp and humidity data logger


Carbon-GSM-T data logger and temperature sensor Carbon-GSM-TH temp and humidity data logger
Carbon GSM-T Carbon GSM-TH
Technology GPRS GPRS
Type Temperature Only Temperature & Humidity
Data Logging Function Yes Yes
Power supply External External
SMS Alerts Yes Yes