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Heatflux Sensors

A heat flux sensor measures the heat transfer (loss or gain) through a surface. The heat flux sensor produces an output that is proportional to the heat flux (Watts/cm2) experienced by the sensor (the heat flowing through it). This heat flux can be convective, radiative or conductive and all three can be measured using varying forms of heat flux sensor.

Heat flux sensors are known under different names, such as heat flux transducers, heat flux gauges, heat flux plates. In addition there are several styles of heat flux sensor that are single-purpose sensors such as pyranometers (for solar radiation measurement) and Schmidt Boelter gauges (for measurement of heat flux from fire). heat flux is commonly measured in KWatts per square metre or watts per square centimetre.

Sequoia has been helping our customers implement heat flux measurement using our heat flux sensors and amplifiers for many years. Our technical engineers have real-world experience in the various issues and solutions to provide a best-fit solution.

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