HW group Ares12

GSM Temperature Sensor for up to 3 sensors

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Key Features
  • GSM (Mobile Network) based
  • Temperature, Humidity, Flood and more monitor
  • Sends Text, phone call and email alerts
  • Sends alert in case of power failure
  • Integrated rechargeable battery...
  • ...can last a few hours if power fails
  • Logs data in its internal memory
  • Request current status via Text/SMS
  • Includes Comms cable, antenna and power supply
  • Use PDMS software to email logged data history

GSM Temperature and Humidity Monitor for long distance temp monitoring with Email and SMS text notification of out-of-parameter situations

The Ares12 GSM is a remote temperature and/or humidity monitoring solution using the GSM mobile phone network. It can be used in any place in the world with GSM coverage.

This product is used primarily for Temperature, Humidity and power monitoring but is also capable of monitoring other parameters, including Flood, Water Leak, Gas, Smoke, Door open/close and others.

The Ares 12 GSM also has an internal battery for back up in case of power failure. In addition it will send a SMS message or an email if the power fails.

Email and Text (SMS) alerts are sent to designated recipients when alarms are triggered, ensuring that your assets are always protected against environmental hazards

The Ares 12 data can be read into the PDMS software suite or can be connected to a Web portal or to an industrial SCADA/NMS system.

The Ares 12 collects and records data from connected sensors and stores them in its internal memory. Stored values can be sent to any system. Values outside of a specified range trigger an e-mail (over GPRS) or a text message (SMS) to multiple recipients.

Typical Applications

  • ATM (Automatic Teller Machines) environment monitoring
  • Cooling systems and coolers
  • Antennas and microwave links
  • Technology along roads, highways, or railroad tracks
  • Road surface or railroad track temperature and status
  • Temperature and displacement of structures
  • Storages of food or materials
  • Art exhibits and depositories
  • Agricultural production premises (greenhouses, granaries, etc.)
  • Electricity distribution networks (transformer stations, lines)
  • Water source monitoring, including technical equipment status
  • Monitoring of appliances with consumable, refillable content (vending machines for coffee, sandwiches or drinks, massage chairs, ...)


Connecting Sensors

For Temperature, Humidity and Combined Temperature and Humidity:

Choose from the 1 Wire Family of Sensors. These sensors connect to the RJ11/RJ12 connectors.

For Other Sensors, including Water Leak, Flood, Gas, Smoke, Door, Power etc.

Choose from the Dry Contact Output Family of Sensors. These sensors connect to the Digital Input connectors.

You can find the sensors in the Sensors Tab.

How the Ares12 Works and SIM requirement

This product comes with all the accessories you need except for a SIM card. Any SIM card can be used, as long as it is 2G and data enabled (check with the network) and does not have a pin protection. Please avoid Network 3, as they only seem to provide 3G only SIM cards.

All required software is provided. All you need to do is power up this unit, connect the antenna, sensor(s) and insert the SIM card. Once you have network connection (see instruction manual), you can set up your sensor safe ranges, email addresses, and Phone numbers for text and phone call and you are ready to go.

Internal Battery and Power Detect

Ares 12 has an integrated rechargeable battery. Although this unit should be permanently connected to a regular supply, its internal battery performs two functions:

  • It allows the Ares12 to send an alert if it loses its power
  • It allows the Ares12 to continue to operate for a few hours after it has lost its power

Ares 12 Dry contact inputs note:

Left hand side of the connector (when looking at the unit) is ground. This is not quite the same ground as the dc power terminal block. Difference is that there is a ferrite filtering the power input, so this ferrite is between the power connector and the dry contact input connector.

Right hand side of the connector (when looking at the unit) is 3V3. Internally there is a 470 Ohm current limiting resistor in this line. The line is pulled to 3V3 via a 10K resistor internally (system side of 470 Ohm resistor).

HWg defines input low meaning resistance between terminals of 15K or larger, input high being 2K7 or lower. This means that any voltage applied must be greater than 1.943V for input low, 0.676V or less for input high.

Connecting LD12:

  • Red wire connects to +12V
  • Black wire connects to left hand dry contact input
  • Blue wire connects to right hand dry contact input
  • Yellow wire is no connect (but you could swap blue and yellow wires to reverse the detection polarity)

Ares12 Basic Features

GSM/GPRS: Quad-Band 850/900 / 1800/1900 MHz - SMA antenna connector
Configuration: Over USB, configuration utility on a “Mass storage” drive, no need to install
FW upgrade: Over USB, or FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) over GPRS
Power: 9–30 VDC / 0.5 A external power
Internal battery: Powers the device + sensors for 3–8 hours (depending on sensors)
Battery life: 5 to 12 years (depending on type, usage, and operating temperatures)
Flash log: 2 Mb / 170.000 records (e.g. 3 sensors @ 5 mins = 200 days)
Inputs: 2 digital inputs (for dry contact status detectors)
Sensors: Supports 3x 1-Wire UNI sensors
Diagnostics: External power detection, battery status [%]
Alarms: Email, HWg-Push, SMS
SMS + ring upon alert: Supported
Protocols: SMTP, NTP, HWg Push (http)
Authentication: STARTTLS (Google SMTP)
SMS communication: Basic control with status information
Mechanical: 76 x 93 x 28 mm, wall-mountable, fits on a DIN rail

Measured data can be natively imported into the PDMS software, a Windows application. Data can be sent directly to a server, or attached to a periodic e-mail report.

  • Internal battery can supply power to Ares12 and its connected sensors for several hours.
  • Easy configuration over USB simplifies installation of the unit.
  • Remote firmware upgrade (FOTA)capability simplifies management of large-scale installations with hundreds of devices.
  • The "Ares12 Tset" quick start set contains a temperature sensor, an universal power adapter and an external antenna.
  • Whenever a power cut or a sensor value outside of a specified range is detected, Ares12 rings a specified number and sends a customizable e-mail or text message.
  • The Ares-12 is ready for data transfer over IP (GPRS) to third-party systems.
    • Ares12 cooperates with the SensDesk web portal.
    • A special driver is needed for connecting to a NMS. Push driver coming soon for NAGIOS® to connect LAN and GSM sensors.
  • Product supplied with:

    Temp-1W-Sensor 3m (34046)
    Power Supply 12V (2.1mm pin) (34233)

  • Ares12
  • Ares12-1
  • Ares12-2
  • Ares12-3
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