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Key Features
  • Web based Temperature and Humidity Monitor
  • Email alerts
  • Comes with a temperature sensor with 3m cable
  • A large selection of other sensors available
  • Temperature and / or humidity monitoring.
  • 2 sensor capability (only one temp sensor supplied
  • E-mail alert to overheating or temperature drop
  • 1 metre to 10 metre cable length sensors
  • Simple installation, supports DHCP

Low-cost Temperature and Humidity Web Sensor, with e-mail alerts.

The STE web thermometer is temperature sensor with a built in web server for remote temperature monitoring via internet. The temperature can be interrogated at any time but the STE can be set up easily to send email alerts, where, If the temperature (humidity) exceeds a specified threshold, an e-mail alert is sent. Free windows software HWg-PDMS for graphical overview and MS Excel export is included.The STE Thermometer is fully SNMP compatible.

What sensors can I use with this part?

This product comes with a Temperature sensor with 3m cable. You can also choose another sensor for this part. This could be another temperateture sensor or a humidity sensor from the sensors tab.


This unit comes with a standard software that allows you to configure the unit and view details and receive email alerts. However if you require a more advanced solution that allows you to not only configure this unit, but also get graphs, automatic storing of your data on your server and the ability to view many units on one display, please choose the PDMS software from our Software and Download tab. The PDMS is free for uo to 3 senors, thereafter we have chargeable versions depending on the number of sensors used.

How it works

This product needs to be connected to an Ethernet port in your building. Power the unit up, connect to an Ethernet port, make sure the sensor(s), if external, are connected and use our free software to locate the device on your web browser. The instruction set shows you how to do this.

Once located, you can use the web browser software to configure this unit with desired sensor values, name sensors and email address that needs to see the alarm.


  • Air conditioning failure:
    Temperature monitor; rising temperature indicates cooling fault.
  • Heating system monitoring:
    Remote monitoring of a heating system, alert by e-mail or SMS (Email-2-SMS) to a danger of freezing.
  • Temperature report to MS Excel available.
  • Cooler/freezer monitoring:
    Sends an e-mail if the cooler malfunctions. Logs operating and storage conditions. Temperature reports.
  • Heating optimization:
    Web thermometer saves heating and air-conditioning costs. Temperature reports for MS Excel.
  • Food storage:
    Monitors optimal storage conditions. With application software, HACCP reports can be created.
  • Remote rack monitoring:
    Temperature / humidity monitoring inside and outside of a rack, SNMP monitoring.

  • 0.1°C temp resolution, display in °C or °F
  • Sends e-mail if the temperature is too high / too low
  • Security protected with a password
  • Temperature range of the supplied probe: -10°C to 80°C (+14°F to +176°F)
  • (also available: Outdoor sensor, -30°C to 125°C / -22°F to +257°F)
  • Supplied with Windows software, universal power adapter and one temperature probe
  • STE can be used with PDMS software to log and track many STEs all on one piece of software. See PDMS software elsewhere on this site for full details.

Tech Stuff

  • Connects to NMS (SNMP MIB)
  • Supports SNMP and XML interfaces
  • HWG STE websensor
    HWG STE websensor
  • HWG STE Websensor
    HWG STE Websensor
  • HWG STE Websensor
    HWG STE Websensor
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