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Want reliable cellular connectivity?

17/09/20152G3GManaged ModemsCellular ConnectivityIndustrial Solution

linkCONNECT – Fit & Forget 2G & 3G Solutions

Do you want reliable cellular connectivity for your equipment?

Need a robust industrial solution at a competitive price?

Then linkCONNECT LC300 2G and 3G solutions are here with 5 great reasons why you should look at them….

Easy Setup
• Connect equipment via the linkCONNECT serial port
• Auto-Detection of the network

Easy Configuration
• Modems can be configured in the field by SMS Command

Connection Reliability “Always-on”
• For network disconnections, automatic re-connection provides the “always-on” solution

Application Scalability
• The linkCONNECT solution is agnostic of connected equipment and operating systems

• It can be set up for specific IP address communication in “client” or “server” mode

The LC300 Series provides a 2G and a 3G solution, both with global cellular coverage.

Click the link below to take a closer look.

linkCONNECT – bring simplicity to using GSM modems

How does your signal analyser measure up?

20/08/2015Signal TesterSignal StrengthCellular Network2G3GNetwork Test

5 Great Things About Siretta\'s SNYPER-3G

5 Great Things About Siretta's SNYPER-3G

• It tells you what you want to know: cellular signal strengths of the local 3G and 2G networks
• It's light yet rugged
• Operates without a SIM
• Easier to work with than a whole pile of SIM cards, and a lot quicker
• It has a rugged carry case for convenience and protection - “made for the job”

Oh and another thing, it's so easy to buy one!

Just click the link below to get yourself a brand new SNYPER-3G.