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Antennas galore at Sequoia

15/10/2015AntennasAntenna SolutionRF AntennasSirettaWiFiGSMGPRS3GUMTS

Top antenna picks this week

We have a wide range of Siretta RF antennas available at an unbeatable price. All antennas are in stock and can be shipped for next day delivery. Get yours now!

Alpha 10 - Slim blade WiFi antenna, suitable for applications that require an adhesive mount antenna. Click here to get yours now!

Mike 1A - 1/4 wave magnetic mount whip antenna, tuned to quad band GSM/GPRS and 3G frequencies. Click here to get yours now!

Oscar 17 - Omni-directional wall / bracket mount antenna, operating on quad band GSM/GPRS and 3G frequencies. Click here to get yours now!

Tango 26 - Miniature WiFi through hole mount antenna, suitable for applications that require a secure antenna fitting. Click here to get yours now!

High performance delivered by our high gain, GPRS/3G, half wave whip antenna - together with low loss cable:

09/07/2015half wave antenna3G Antennagprs antennaantennaswhip antenna

Remote monitoring applications such as asset tracking demand a highly robust, all weather antenna solution.

Furthermore, longer cables may be required to install the antenna at an optimum location.

Maintain high quality signal at all stages with our high gain MIKE 2A half wave whip antenna (Peak gain 5 dBi). Equipped with the tried & tested LMR100 low loss cable, the MIKE 2A is designed to deliver superior performance at global GSM and 3G frequencies even with longer cables. The robust MIKE 2A comes with a strong magnetic base for quick, easy and sturdy installations.

Mike 2A is one of our most popular antennas, used in utilities metering, car park metering, security, remote monitoring and many more applications.

Click the link to buy now!

Alpha 18 GPRS / 3G Dipole antennas

21/01/2015Antennasdipole antennas3g antennas

The Alpha 18 is a small, low profile, adhesive Quad Band and 3G horn antenna.

This compact dipole is the latest addition to the Siretta Alpha family of antennas and it is designed to fix discreetly and securely onto most surfaces. So whether the ALPHA 18 is on top of an energy meter or on the side of telemetry equipment, it delivers flawless performance and hence connectivity in varying environments and applications. Supplied with a 3M adhesive base, the Alpha 18 is perfect for quick and simple installations onto a number of different surface materials such as: metal, glass, wood and plastic. More so, the use of an adhesive base takes away the need to drill holes or apply adhesive substances - simply ‘peel & press’ the antenna into its desired position.