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Remote monitoring of temperature with SMS/Email alerts

24/07/2015Environmental monitoringGPRS temperature sensorTemperature sensorsARGON100Remote temperature monitoring

ARGON100 enables low cost temperature monitoring of any location via GPRS connection

Remote monitoring of temperature with alerts
If you need to monitor the temperature at a remote location, or one where it is difficult or too expensive to install a cabled network connection, then doing so with an internet enabled GSM temperature sensor offers many advantages including:

  • Always-on
  • Easy to install – no cabling, up and running quickly
  • Ability to send alerts to one or more phone number/email address
  • Low cost

Typical applications
Some of the applications where remote temperature monitoring systems are deployed include:

  • Fridge/Freezer monitoring
  • Warehouse environmental monitoring
  • Server room temperature monitoring
  • Livestock monitoring of sheds
  • Vulnerable people
  • Monitoring of air-conditioned rooms in case the air conditioning failure
  • Greenhouses - detecting temperature too high or too low
    • Solution – ARGON100
      The ARGON100 is a GSM (GPRS) connected temperature monitoring system capable of monitoring temperatures and providing alerts when the temperature is over or under a set level. The device can be configured with up to 10 mobile phone numbers for sending text message. In addition, users can request the current temperature by sending a text message to the unit and viewing the response. ARGON100 is supplied with an external temperature sensor which can be positioned inside a fridge/freezer or wherever the optimum position is. Other temperature sensor cable lengths are also available.

      Features / Benefits

      • Quick to install and easy to configure – up and running in minutes
      • Compact design to fit any location
      • Quad-band GSM works on all GPRS bands
      • Alert one or more email addresses / mobile numbers

      For more details of the ARGON100 GPRS temperaturing monitoring product please click the link -