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Mobile M2M module market to triple in three years says Infonetics

17/09/2015Mobile M2MM2M ModuleM2MM2M MarketIoTMobile Operators

Article by Anthony Savvas

The M2M market is driven by the thirst for the Internet of Things and big moves by mobile operators.

Industry analyst Infonetics Research says the global mobile M2M module market will grow three-fold to be worth $4.5 billion by 2018.

Internet of things“Machine-to-machine (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming industries and creating tremendous opportunities for mobile M2M module vendors around the world,” said John Byrne, an analyst at Infonetics Research.

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Want connectivity that manages itself?

17/09/2015GSM ModemEasy ConfigurationM2MRemote EquipmentGSM ConnectionIndustrial SolutionSMS Command

GSM Connection Management using linkCONNECT

Do you need to connect to remote equipment?

Do you need a reliable GSM connection that’s easy to fit and forget?

Do you want an industrial product at a competitive price?

Then linkCONNECT LC200-GPRS(EU) fits your requirement and here’s 5 reasons why...

Easy Setup
• Connect equipment via the linkCONNECT serial port
• Auto-Detection of the network

Easy Configuration
• Modems can be configured in the field by SMS Command

Connection Reliability “Always-on”
• For network disconnections, automatic re-connection provides the “always-on” solution

Application Scalability
• The linkCONNECT solution is agnostic of connected equipment and operating systems

• It can be set up for specific IP address communication in “client” or “server” mode

To unleash communication with your equipment take a look at the LC200-GPRS(EU).

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linkCONNECT – bring simplicity to using GSM modems

Struggling with your GSM connection for M2M?

27/08/2015GSM ConnectivityM2MM2M ConnectivityM2M SolutionM2M EquipmentGlobal SolutionRegional SolutionModemSelf Managing Modem

Welcome to linkCONNECT for M2M

Reliable, robust GSM connectivity

6 reasons to look at Siretta’s linkCONNECT solution
1. linkCONNECT: Siretta’s M2M solution to overcome common GSM connectivity issues
2. linkCONNECT: M2M solutions that detect the GSM network
3. linkCONNECT: M2M solutions that stay connected
4. linkCONNECT: No changes needed to your existing equipment
5. linkCONNECT: Offers regional and global solutions
6. linkCONNECT: You can purchase a solution today

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linkCONNECT – bring simplicity to using GSM modems

M2M connections increasing, but don’t call it IoT!

11/08/2015CellularWireless TerminalsCellular ModulesMachine CommunicationsM2MWireless

Article by Richard Wilson

The market for M2M cellular modules and wireless terminals is predicted to grow dramatically over the next three years.

By the end of 2019 the market for cellular M2M modules is expected to reach $2.2bn, according to a new report by Beecham Research.

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5 ways to improve 2G/3G signal strength for M2M devices

21/07/20153g analyserSignal testerModemsM2M

Improving the reliability of M2M devices with better signal strength

Systems are only as reliable as their weakest link and when it comes to M2M wireless -the weakest link is poor, intermittent signal strength. Low signal levels result in poor system performance, slow response times and reliability issues. For system installers and other M2M vendors, how do you ensure the very best 2G or 3G signal strength?

1. Checking the 2G/3G signal strength
Typically most M2M cellular systems will simply not work, or the performance is substantially degraded by low signal strength. This may result in data not being transmitted, irregular polling success or complete lack of connection. Some wireless devices (routers / modems) have a signal strength indication facility but these only report on the connection available to them.

An independent check of signal strength can be performed using a 2G / 3G signal strength analyser such as the Siretta SNYPER. These testers are hand held, network independent, and analyse the signal strength for all available networks. SNYPER can be connected to the deployed antenna to check the actual signal strength of the installed system.

2. Which network SIM to use?
Depending on location you may find one cellular network has a better signal strength than the other networks. The SNYPER product checks this for you without the need to buy a SIM from each network. Once the network has been decided the next step is to optimise the antenna and RF cables routing back to the M2M device.

3. Re-positioning the antenna
Fitting the antenna in the