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How does your signal analyser measure up?

20/08/2015Signal TesterSignal StrengthCellular Network2G3GNetwork Test

5 Great Things About Siretta\'s SNYPER-3G

5 Great Things About Siretta's SNYPER-3G

• It tells you what you want to know: cellular signal strengths of the local 3G and 2G networks
• It's light yet rugged
• Operates without a SIM
• Easier to work with than a whole pile of SIM cards, and a lot quicker
• It has a rugged carry case for convenience and protection - “made for the job”

Oh and another thing, it's so easy to buy one!

Just click the link below to get yourself a brand new SNYPER-3G.

How do your cellular results stack up?

06/08/2015Signal TesterSignal StrengthCellular NetworkNetwork SurveyUser FriendlyNetwork SignalSummarySaveDownload

Saving cellular network surveys and downloading to your PC

Welcome to our latest email on signal strength testing - introducing you to the SNYPER-3G Prism.

What does it do for you?

The SNYPER-3G Prism is great for saving your cellular network surveys and downloading them in user friendly formats to your PC. This means you can analyse, store and share the results, aswell as make decisions on operator performance that benefits your customers and their solutions.

5 things the SNYPER-3G Prism does for you:
• Surveys the cellular network
• Strongest to weakest network signal results
• Summarises available towers at defined signal strength levels for each network operator
• Saves up to 50 surveys on the device
• USB download so you can save results on your PC in CSV and HTML formats

All of this comes to you enclosed in a rugged carry case with antenna, power adaptor and USB cable.

No SIM is required to perform the functions on the SNYPER-3G Prism.

For more information or to order yours now - click the link below!

Want to maximise your signal strength?

05/08/2015Signal TesterSignal StrengthNetwork TestNetwork Strength3G NetworkSignal AnalyserCellular Network

Want to know more about your cellular connection?

Last week we covered the Siretta SNYPER-3G - a signal analyser which surveys the cellular network and return results for GSM and UMTS base stations.

This week we focus on another member of the SNYPER-3G family, the SNYPER-3G Spectrum.

With the SNYPER-3G Spectrum you can save up to 50 surveys. All saved survey results can be downloaded to your PC in HTML or CSV format and you can perform a real time liveSCAN of your site/area to assist with optimum antenna location.

For the most accurate alignment to a desired base station, we recommend using a high performance directional antenna (liveSCAN antenna kit). Please note that a SIM is required to perform the liveSCAN feature.

For more information or to order yours now - click the link below!

5 ways to improve 2G/3G signal strength for M2M devices

21/07/20153g analyserSignal testerModemsM2M

Improving the reliability of M2M devices with better signal strength

Systems are only as reliable as their weakest link and when it comes to M2M wireless -the weakest link is poor, intermittent signal strength. Low signal levels result in poor system performance, slow response times and reliability issues. For system installers and other M2M vendors, how do you ensure the very best 2G or 3G signal strength?

1. Checking the 2G/3G signal strength
Typically most M2M cellular systems will simply not work, or the performance is substantially degraded by low signal strength. This may result in data not being transmitted, irregular polling success or complete lack of connection. Some wireless devices (routers / modems) have a signal strength indication facility but these only report on the connection available to them.

An independent check of signal strength can be performed using a 2G / 3G signal strength analyser such as the Siretta SNYPER. These testers are hand held, network independent, and analyse the signal strength for all available networks. SNYPER can be connected to the deployed antenna to check the actual signal strength of the installed system.

2. Which network SIM to use?
Depending on location you may find one cellular network has a better signal strength than the other networks. The SNYPER product checks this for you without the need to buy a SIM from each network. Once the network has been decided the next step is to optimise the antenna and RF cables routing back to the M2M device.

3. Re-positioning the antenna
Fitting the antenna in the