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Extended Power Supply Range

Siretta GSM Terminals Get Wide Range 5-60V Power Input

Following on from the successful and widely used SQ864-GPRS and SQ864-3G terminals, Sequoia is pleased to announce the new low cost extended power supply 5-60V versions SQ864E-GPRS and SQ864E-3G wireless terminals for use in a wide range of industrial applications.

The new terminals are powered by a Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) which greatly reduces high power/heat dissipation compared to the normal linear regulation. This makes our E range extremely efficient while maintaining very high performance standards.

Our terminals are built to be robust and able to function without disruption in environments subjected to vibration, humidity etc.

Apart from that, the module supports 30V maximum voltage input on all of its GPIOs as standard and 2.8V over ttl when set high. The module also comes with an on board reverse polarity, over voltage spike and ESD protection as well as supporting up to 60V input.

These and many more features make the SQ864E-GPRS and SQ864E-3G an ideal candidate for automotive applications (particularly heavy duty vehicles), PoE (Power over Ethernet), industrial telemetry solutions and data logging just to name a few.

For further information and to order please visit:
Please click here to order your SQ864E-GPRS terminals

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Watch out for further new terminal introductions!