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8051 based RF module for wireless sensing and control

The SQI50 is a system on chip module with combined RF and MCU

Sequoia’s SQI50 includes a CIP-51 MCU based system on chip RF module providing an optimised platform for designers creating wireless sensor, data acquisition and remote control products. The high speed 8051 core operates at up to 25MIPS throughput with a 25MHz clock connected with 4K RAM and 64K Flash memory.

The RF side has a 100mW (20dBm) transceiver with programmable output power and FSK/GFSK/OOK modulation to provide a data rate up to 256kbps. Devices are available for 433 or 868MHz. The receiver side includes a high sensitivity front-end figure of -120dBm.

Designed for battery operation, the module includes a DC/DC converter which enables the device to continue to operate down to 0.9V. Low power sleep modes enable the device to operate at less than 1µA whilst the RF and Real time clock are still running. With RF disabled this drops to 600nA to maximise battery life.

The SQI50 module includes a comprehensive range of IO including SPI, I2C, UART and nineteen 5V tolerant GPIO pins. Additional features include a 10-bit ADC running at up to 300ksps, brownout detector, four general purpose 16-bit counters/timers, and an onboard temperature sensor.

The compact module measures just 11x25x2mm in a surface mount package and requires an external antenna which Sequoia can also supply. An evaluation kit is available which includes a LCD display, antenna, switches, headers to access the IO and battery pack.

Typical applications range from wireless sensors to wireless data acquisition/data loggers, home automation & security and the internet of things.