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Antennas with Extra Attraction

Magnetic mount GSM/3G and GPS antennas, offering high performance and placement flexibility

Antenna placement is not always as straightforward as it seems. Finding that optimum position can be the difference between a functioning system with good signal strength, and a frustrating battle with patchy reception. If you’re unsure where that ideal location is then you need a product with placement flexibility, and stable semi-permanent mounting. What better solution than the Mike series of high performance antennas from Siretta, featuring magnetic bases for simple installation and placement on most metal surfaces. The Mike family includes the ever popular Mike 1 compact antenna and the higher gain but slightly longer Mike 2, covering a wide variety of GSM/3G applications. For GPS requirements the Mike 3, with 28dB gain, is now the preferred antenna for many customers. All Mike antennas feature strong and stable magnetic bases ensuring no additional fixing is needed. Suitable for a broad range of applications including smart meters, industrial controls and vehicle tracking, the Mike series is a robust, high quality family of antennas for today's wireless systems.