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The Smartest Wireless Terminal

High performance wireless terminals for M2M communications

Machine to machine (M2M) communications and the ‘Internet-of-things’ is the way forward says TechUK.org, where many wireless terminals will be needed to effect the wide reaching benefits that the IOT will bring. But, continuing to design and build terminals to your own circuit design could represent a missed opportunity. The new ZULU cellular terminals from specialist manufacturer Siretta offer a major breakthrough, combining high performance USB terminals with an advanced computing platform, all in the same compact package, and at a sensible price. It’s never been so easy to match intelligent functionality with wireless communication. With a choice of GPRS or UMTS coverage, the ZULU terminal platform features the popular and capable ARM Cortex M4 32bit microprocessor offering fast and efficient development of your own application, directly within the terminal. Combine this with a standard range of additional interfaces including CAN, 1-wire and I2C, a wide power supply capability of 5-42V, and optional battery backup, and you have the ultimate all in one smart solution. Let the ZULU range of terminals be the core of your next wireless application.