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Your First Fix for GPS Antennas

One of the widest ranges of GPS antennas, providing optimum performance and a range of mounting styles

GPS has come a long way since its earliest inception in military applications. Now a mainstay for navigation, surveying and mapping, this unique technology - GPS, Glonass - and soon Gallileo and Compass, is being adopted by more and more applications every day. Location based services in almost everything ensure that the GNSS industry will continue growing at a rapid rate. Siretta offers one of the widest ranges of high quality GPS / GLONASS antennas, ensuring you meet the performance and mounting objectives that your application requires. Antenna choice is a critical decision for best performance, especially when used with combined GPS / Glonass receiver modules. The Siretta range includes a wide variation of mounting styles from embedded to vandal resistant, adhesive to magnetic, including combination products offering GSM and GPS in one package. All products contain a low noise amplifier (LNA) for maximum sensitivity and quick acquisition time.