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Rock Solid Wireless Terminals

Rugged high performance terminals for demanding M2M applications

If you’re developing professional wireless systems, then achieving an excellent technical performance can be just part of the challenge. Ensuring your solution has the reliability and longevity required, over a range of demanding installation sites, is likely to be equally critical. The ZETA series of wireless terminals, from specialist manufacturer Siretta, offer an ideal combination of exceptional M2M performance, with an enviable reputation for robust reliable service in public space and infrastructure applications. With GPRS or UMTS network coverage, the ZETA provides RS232 and USB interfaces, with up to five additional GPIO lines for control of connected devices. A wide power supply capability of 5-60V gives versatility, while the extended temperature range allows use in harsh environments such as remote monitoring. Simply integrated into your system with AT commands, the ZETA also features optional GPS in its UMTS form. With a high level of advanced features, and a surprisingly economic price, the compact ZETA is the perfect choice where a reliable high performance solution is required.