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Wireless M2M - Keep it in the Family

Advanced terminals and modems for versatile wireless applications

M2M connectivity is the new revolution, with wireless terminals and modems at the heart of this powerful sea change. It’s not one size fits all however, and a careful selection of products is needed to optimise overall system performance. Meeting the varied and often complex requirements that M2M can bring is a complete family of terminals and modems from wireless specialist Siretta, with advanced technical features and a price level that may surprise you. The ZEST series is our new entry level terminal, perfect for economic wireless enablement. For more demanding environments the ZETA range adds GPIO connectivity, and a serious track record in infrastructure. If an embedded solution is needed then the ZOOM is an excellent choice, with a space saving design, GPIO and a host of interfaces. For the ultimate performance consider the ZULU and ZEUS, with USB or Ethernet interface and on board 32 bit microprocessor for powerful application development, directly within the terminal.