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Quantum Data Announces New 4K 780 Series Test Instrument

780C Multi-Interface Interoperability Tester for Video and Audio

Quantum Data™, a worldwide provider of video test equipment, today announced an addition to the 780 series test instruments—the 780C Multi-Interface Interoperability Tester for Video and Audio. The 780C is similar in form and operation to the recently released 780B with the real time status bar and larger 7 inch color touch screen. But the 780C is a true quantum leap in the industry by offering multiple digital video interfaces in a signal test instrument. The 780C features the following video/audio interfaces:

  • HDMI Tx and Rx ports operating up to 300MHz pixel rate
  • HDBaseT Tx and Rx ports operating up to 300MHz pixel rate
  • 3G-SDI Tx and Rx ports operating up to 2.97Gbps data rate
  • Analogue RGB and Component video Tx port operating up to 80MHz
  • Digital audio (SPDIF & optical) ports

The 780C, although not battery powered as its 780 series predecessors, is a convenient portable handheld test instrument. The unique capabilities of the instrument offered by virtue of its multiple digital interfaces can verify interoperability between heterogeneous digital video devices, converter devices, distribution gear and entire digital video networks including networks comprising 4K ultra-high definition products. And because the 780C is equipped with both Tx and Rx digital video ports, it can be used to segment networks either from the upstream or downstream direction. These unique capabilities make the 780C an invaluable tool for development and test engineers as well as professional AV integrators.

The 780C combines versatility with ease of use at an attractive price. Contact your Quantum Data distributor or representative for ordering and pricing information. Visit the 780C webpage for a complete list of features and functions.