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NEW DisplayPort 1.2 video analyser

Quantum Data have released a new firmware option for the 980 DisplayPort video generator to enable video analysis

Quantum Data™ has announced availability of a new option for the DisplayPort 1.2 Video Generator module used in the 980 video test generator platform. In addition to being able to generate DisplayPort 1.2 video signals at up to 5.4Gbps over up to 4 lanes, the module is now able to support basic analysis of DisplayPort 1.2 streams at HBR2 link rates up to 5.4Gbps.

The analyser (receiver) port of the DisplayPort card acts as and emulates a DisplayPort sink, allowing video signals received from an attached DisplayPort source to be analysed. Sampled snapshots of the incoming video may be viewed to confirm that the incoming video is correct and as expected. All video timing, link training status, EDID traffic, DPCD register transactions etc. occurring between the sink and source are captured and assigned timestamps for inspection and analysis. The DisplayPort receiver port may be programmed with different user defined DisplayPort EDIDs to test how the source behaves with the different EDIDs. The Analyser has a built in DPCD Editor that enables viewing of the DPCD being used on the DisplayPort receiver port and to configure a new DPCD’s for emulation. The Auxiliary Channel Analyser (ACA) works in the same way as the ACA in the Quantum Data HDMI and MHL analysers. Indeed, the DisplayPort card may be fitted into a 980 series unit together with the HDMI and MHL options to make a truly multi-standard video tester.

980 DisplayPort Analyser