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Em01b Web sensors now available from Sequoia

The EM01b family of internet connected websensors are now available to buy online from the Sequoia website

The EM01 series of temperature monitors are perfect for IT administrators where a collection of EM01 monitors remotely placed can be reviewed using the NAGIOS® platform from any internet browser. But, they are also easily usable for any private temperature monitoring use where there is an Ethernet connection available and the user wants to monitor and and be notified of over and under conditions by email or SMS messaging. Some care is needed in the Internet addressing of the EM01 products for wide area networking use but our quick start guides and FAQs guide the user well. EM01 devices are designed to work with multiple sensors and we offer preconfigured bundles which suit most applications. The application bundles are lower cost than buying the parts seperately. EM01b-STN: This is the standard websensor for temperature and humidity EM01b-VLT: For customers who wish to monitor voltage levels, the EM01b-VLT is designed to read a voltage range of 0-18V, ideal for monitoring battery levels remotely. EM01b-LCD includes a LCD display for instaneous readout of monitored temperature and humidity values. EM01b-FLD includes a flood sensor. EM01b-PRO is a bundle which includes the ES01 LCD display and ES11 flood sensor, the optimum solution for monitoring Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.