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Outdoor GPS and GLONASS Antenna

Dual-tech, dual-mount, high gain and weatherproof!

Location based applications and systems rely on high levels of accuracy when it comes to geographical positioning. The end customers in return rely on information gathered by these systems to make important decisions that affect the business. Precision is inevitable at all stages of the process. Traditionally, GPS has been the first and only choice for location based applications and services. However, with the availability of more Satellite positioning technologies such as GLONASS, there is a high demand for systems that use both GPS and GLONASS for optimum levels of accuracy.

Sequoia supply products to meet the challenges faced when deploying positioning systems. We are therefore glad to announce the launch of Mike 11 by Siretta. We are the first distributor to get our hands on this little gem. The dual-tech (GPS and GLONASS), dual mount (magnetic and adhesive) and high gain (28dBi) Mike 11 is also weatherproof (IP65 rated). Need we say more? Oh yes and did we mention that is it the most compact and tiny dual-tech antenna (49x39x14mm)?

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