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Establish and maintain superior mobile connectivity.

Outdoor applications demand a fast and reliable mobile connection

Outdoor applications such as automatic metering, irrigation and environmental monitoring systems and more demand a fast and reliable mobile connection. The cost effectiveness of these solutions relies on uninterrupted connectivity. It is therefore imperative that the antenna solutions used for these applications are capable of establishing and maintaining superior mobile connectivity at all times.

Our answer is the Siretta OSCAR 1, Siretta’s most popular antenna for outdoor applications. The OSCAR 1 is a wall mount, global mobile (penta-band) and high gain antenna. The rock solid OSCAR 1 is provided with a sturdy bracket mount. The OSCAR 1 is highly robust and is designed for applications operating in harsh environments. Thousands of these antennas are deployed worldwide, serving multiple industries. So whether you are looking to upgrade your antenna solution or just looking to give your mobile application a boost, OSCAR 1 will always do the job better.

Typical applications: Automatic meter management, Irrigation control, environmental monitoring, remote monitoring, asset management and more.

The antenna is available in variations of cable lengths and connectors.

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