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Machine to Machine Comms made easy

How do you fill the Comms gap?

Last week we introduced you to Siretta’s quikCONNECT range of products. Products that fill the comms gap connecting you, your office, your customers to remotely installed equipment, allowing you to monitor performance and make vital decisions from wherever you are.

This week, we introduce you to the first potential solution with one of the quikCONNECT entry level products. We start with a few questions our customers usually have to ponder, such as:
1) What do I need to connect a remote application to a central monitoring location?
2) How quickly can I get my solution to market?
3) How do I keep my solution cost effective?

The popular quikCONNECT ZEST addresses all these points and turbo boosts solutions into your client customer base.

Begin today by ordering the low cost quikCONNECT ZEST modem or it’s starter kit. The product just needs your expertise with AT commands and Python scripts and you'll be communicating with your application before you know it.

Buy one today, and provide the “zest” to increase your clients’ opportunities from being connected.

Step into one of Sequoia's most popular solutions by clicking the link below.