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ZOOM in on the key to the door?

quikCONNECTivity for legacy equipment

Each week in the last 3 weeks we have introduced you to the quikCONNECT range of products, designed to cleverly connect people or machines to remote equipment, providing peace of mind, improved performance and greater efficiency.

Remember, we are addressing the questions you come up with most:
1. What do I need to connect a remote application to a central monitoring location?
2. How quickly can I get my solution to market?
3. How do I keep my solution cost effective?

Previously we have introduced you to the entry level modem models in the ZEST (for European Coverage) and ZETA (for Global Coverage) Series.

This week we are catering for legacy applications. It’s great that we can add connectivity for new M2M systems, but also, a variety of existing equipment will benefit from network connectivity. At Sequoia we have the quikCONNECT ZOOM product range which allows existing equipment to be connected up to the cellular network. The ZOOM Series is a range of embedded boards, or 'Socket Modems', that provide 2G, 3G or 4G connectivity. Simply use the interfaces on the board to connect to your application.

Let’s say you want to remotely connect to a legacy door locking system, then zoom in on the ZOOM-N-GPRS, the 2G socket modem within the ZOOM series, capable of adding connectivity to legacy equipment.

Buy it along with the ZOOM-EVK evaluation board and you will have the perfect environment for developing a cellular solution. The good bit is that your existing equipment may not need to change at all. Take your first step now by clicking on the link below and before you know it - you’ll be opening doors to opportunity as well as those you are trying to control.

Step into one of Sequoia's most popular solutions.

quikCONNECTivity – connecting you with opportunity

Note: To aid your development, it is recommended that customers purchase a ZOOM-EVK evaluation board when designing with the ZOOM series.